The Adventures of Hakim

The original Adventures of Hakim (AOH) was released in 1999 when Yusuf Islam endorsed this ground breaking audio adventure story written by, then newcomer, Khaleel Muhammad.

These blockbuster stories directly addressed the gritty reality of modern Muslim kids tackling drugs, crime, gangs and modern life. It soon became a valued and esteemed possession of parents, schools, youth projects, summer schools and children in every corner of the Ummah. It could soon be heard booming from car stereo’s, in school assemblies and in children’s bedrooms and as the Muslim youth exulted at a product which inspired in them an assured Muslim identity and a direct solution to the problems in the world around them.
It was not long before it was hailed as, and remained, the UK’s official most successful audio adventure project yet.

Years later, and at the behest of fans all over the world, Khaleel is due to present the long-awaited sequel.

In collaboration with Islamic Relief, the Milton Keyens Community Foundation (MKCF) and the Milton Keytens Muslim Association (MKMA) he has finished penning and recording this remarkable action packed 60 minute audio story: The Adventures of Hakim:2 Streetwise Champion, a not-for-profit CD.


The Adventures of Hakim:2 will be made up of:

  • 14 chapter 60 minute audio story
  • 2 bonus songs featuring: Khaleel Muhammad, Mecca2Medina, Brother Dash, Isha D. Maison, Yusuf Chambers (Unity TV) and with Zafar Razzaci and Mohamed Saddullah of Seven 8 Six.
  • 6 Character interviews from Abdul Hakim and the AOH gang as part of the M.A.D (Muslims Against Drugs) innovative anti-drugs workshop.
  • Word puzzles and jokes as part on the CD booklet
  • A sound track featuring the best artists around!

    1.       ROYAL ENCOUNTER   
    2.       RETURN OF THE PRINCE   
    3.       M.A.D INTERVIEW 1: ABDUL HAKIM   
    4.       THE BRAVE MEETS THE BOLD   
    5.       HERE COMES TROUBLE   
    6.       M.A.D INTERVIEW 2: ABDULLAH   
    7.       SCHOOL INVASION   
    8.       TURNING POINT  
    9.       M.A.D INTERVIEW 3: SHAKIRA   
    10.     BLUE MEETING   
    11.     Broken Hearts   
    12.     M.A.D INTERVIEW 4: SHARKEY    
    13.     BRING ON THE CLOWNS   
    14.     RIDE TO DANGER   
    15.     M.A.D INTERVIEW 5: AXEL BLUE    
    16.     REVELATIONS   
    17.     FATAL RIOT   
    18.     M.A.D INTERVIEW 6: BUCKMASTER   
    19.     HOUSE QUAKE   
    20.     UNITED AGAIN   

        BONUS SONGS    
    21.     HEROES OF THE UMMAH   
             Khaleel Muhammad, Mecca2Medina,
             Brother Dash and Zafar & Saad of 78
    22.    ADVENTURE OF LIFE   
             Khaleel Muhammad

A description
The Adventures of Hakim:2 (AoH) is a sequel to The Adventures of Hakim:1 audio story released in 1999. The story revolves around a 14 year old Muslim his friends and adversaries such as; Sharkey, local gang the White Skulls and Russian crime lord; Bushmaster. This edgy contemporary story pulls few punches and throws a light on many of the real issues our teens are forced to deal with in the 21st Century. How does a practising Muslim like Hakim and his friends, tackle bullying, drug abuse and commercial rap music? Peer pressure and believers who refuse to pray to Allah? A true hero for the now generation Abdul Hakim, while often playfully silly and absent minded, nonetheless rises to the challenge with a firm belief in the Deen by holding fast to the rope of Allah and His Messenger (s) while encouraging others to do likewise.
The intended target audience
The target audience are young Muslims ranging from 10-17. Many of our children do not see themselves reflected in the pop culture of modern life, whether it is books, films or TV shows. When they do, it is often negative with connotations of terrorism with extreme views and misogyny. The AoH places them on a par with their non-Muslim counterparts as positive and constructive members of the society with their faith acting as a driving force for positive social change rather than a source of embarrassment or shame for them. The AoH is littered with references to mobile phones, Xbox 360’s, iPods and MP3 players - the trappings of a modern society, giving the story a sense of contemporary life which every child today is familiar with. This helps to make the story relevant and ring true.

What does this proposal add that is distinctive or different?
The Adventures of Hakim:2 is unique in the Muslim publishing and entertainment field as perhaps the only action adventure/drama story created specifically for modern Muslim teens. Often using gritty street slang and norms, it deals with real issues of drug abuse, bullying, peer pressure, the adverse effects of commercial rap music, broken homes and belief in Allah, just to name a few. Often very funny, some times heartbreaking, the AoH does not seek to talk down to, patronise nor preach to its audience but tackles each subject positively, allowing readers to feel and experience the dilemmas through the myriad characters.